04 June 2013

Michael Douglas cancer oral sex claim: TMI

TMI means Too Much Information.

Which was my attitude to the whole brouhaha, until two events kind of swayed me into posting this.

The first event was the ridiculous and uncalled for intervention by Douglas's spokesperson. Peculiar, to say the least.

The second one was stumbling on this funny piece, where... check this out:

Yet there are several problems with the assumption. First is the sex distribution of the cancers. Though the risks for the new oral cancer and its anatomic location have changed fundamentally, one epidemiologic fact has not. It’s still a guy’s disease, by about 3 to 1, same as ever. That raises the next point. Though The Daily Beast is a wholesome family website, one is compelled to make the following indelicate comment: it might be suggested that the introduction of HPV from a turgid penis to a tonsil or to the back of the tongue (cf., Deep Throat) is decidedly more efficient than movement of the same HPV off the female cervix, which no tongue engaged in cunnilingus ever could reach, or just the plain old vagina, then uphill along the 3 or 4 inches from tip of tongue to its base or to the nearby tonsils. This is a mighty far distance for a virus to travel.
In other words... oh well, you name it.