06 July 2012

Why I love Hurriyet

First of all, it's much less provincial than some local media outfits I could mention but wouldn't for now. Secondly, its writers don't hesitate to hit where it hurts most, given half a chance.

A fresh example: The best Turkish airplane ever made!. The whole article should be read, but to give you a small taster:

Turkey’s aerospace powerhouse TAI says it domestically designed, developed and produced the Hürkuş, meaning “free bird” in English, for both military and civilian use. All the same, it is questionable whether the “free” part is Turkish or the “bird.”

At a closer look, this all-Turkish aircraft boasts a Canadian engine (Pratt and Whitney), British cockpit glass and Italian avionics, in addition to a small U.N. league of countries which offered consultancy services for its design.
Yeah... and don't miss the last two paragraphs of the article. Hilarious job.

And, also by the same author, Burak Bekdil: Enjoy your Arab Spring!


shaun downey said...

Haha. Thanks for the link. You know that the Predator drone is made entirely of paper and runs on an elastic so there is hope for every nation!

The Freebird plane looks like a licence built Pilatus to me but what do I know?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sometimes I think that Airbus and Boeing are sticking some paper and elastic in their planes too ;-)