14 July 2012

Maradona fired from Al Wasl: ready to discuss a discount

Looks like another flop for the dear leader. I wonder whether he was showing sufficient fervor in his support of Palestinians. But no, forget it: he was simply not up to the job.

The club said the former Argentina star was being "relieved" of his duties Tuesday because it wanted to move in a new direction.
I think I know what they mean. Maradona, though, didn't get the loud and clear message:
He said if budget restrictions were an issue, then he wanted to talk about it soon with club officials in the hope of reversing the decision.
Which is an invitation to bargain the salary, I guess. Pathetic. However, the reality he doesn't want to face is quite clear:
The former Argentina great was fired after one season in charge, having signed a two-year deal in May 2011. The team finished a disappointing eighth in the 12-team league and didn't win any trophies. The season ended with Al Wasl blowing a 3-1 first-leg lead in the GCC Club Championship and losing to Bahrain's Al Muharraq on penalties.
And a piquant ending to the story:
In a strange twist, the club has invited Maradona to attend a "farewell ceremony" at a date to be announced to show "the unique and strong relationship between them." It did not say whether Maradona would attend.
Nothing if not practical: if he attends, it's a farewell ceremony, if he doesn't - it's a celebration of good riddance...

For full disclosure: This blogger is a fan of Brazil. Which means that... oh well.