23 July 2012

English Russia and its coverage of Femen counter-demo

A respectable site, English Russia, this time was not up to the task in its coverage of another action by the intrepid Ukrainian female movement. Like in this picture:

First of all, the capture under this photograph on the site incorrectly translated the contents of the placard carried by the lady. The placard says "Fucking parasites" and not "Destroy parasites" as translated by E.R.

Secondly, this and all the other photographs in the series (don't forget to peruse them) suffer from a chronic defect of the camera*: unexplained and unwanted black rectangles that seriously impair both the esthetic and the informative qualities of the shots.

(*) Of course, it is not necessarily a camera problem: we may be witnessing a first case of mass proliferation of the black holes, produced by this infernal machine in Switzerland. Then we are all fucked anyway, and the quality of the photos and/or the translation issues are not important at all.


Dick Stanley said...

Shocking. Post-Soviet prudery. Who'd a thunk?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Indeed. Disappointing.