12 July 2012

Professor of PoliSci, West Point graduate and former Air Force officer: and this is it??

Consider my flabber gasted. I mean I am speechless. Amazed, astonished and astounded. Overwhelmed, if you will.

Let me explain. I have never studied any work of prof John Mearsheimer. I heard about him the first time when his (and that other colleague's of his) book about Israeli lobby started to make noise. Of course, I didn't (and don't intend to) read that book. After all, when a man is set to prove that Jooz are ruining his life, you better leave him alone. Let him stew in it for a while. Then, when he suddenly realizes that them Jooz are anyway managing and ruining his life at the level of the smallest detail, it will pass. Possibly the man will get better. Or not.

The point is, I have somehow imagined the prof to be a seriously loaded egghead. Loaded by intellect and all the accoutrements of a academia, I haste to add. Must be a serious character, I said to myself back then, for his book to make so much brouhaha. Then I forgot him.

So today my face was pushed (by a Twitter message) into this transcript of a debate on a strange topic: Nuclear-Armed Iran Would Bring 'Stability' But Risks. And it is the gap between my expectations and the real man that caused my flabber to be gasted. Really.

I don't even want to argue with the inane notion that serves as a subject for the debate. Read it and see how pathetic the man looks. Even a wrong notion could be defended with more vigor, more sense and more elan. A man that is pictured by that discussion could hardly debate a difference between a one cent coin and a sawbuck.

Aside of being easily mashed to pulp by his opponent, he used the word "but" 9 times out of total 12 it appears in the (body of the) transcript. Beyond pathetic.

Ama... but I have been there already. Sorry...

Hat tip: Adam Holland.