14 July 2012

Several items from the (US) online paper The Tablet

The Tablet is a (new to me) US online paper whose strapline is "A new read on Jewish life". It comes out daily (and you can sign up for it to come into your inbox), and until you do sign up for it, here are a couple of items from it, on successive days.

The newer one first: we all know that Jeffrey Goldberg (of Atlantic Magazine) keeps predicting that Israel will bomb Iran's nuclear facilities any day now. However, the writers on The Tablet are less certain of this. Indeed, they confidently predict that it won't happen this side of the US Presidential election in November. Why so confident? Well, for one, Obama might just get re-elected, and "Israel’s leader would not want to be branded as the ally who did not cooperate." And this is despite knowing that Bibi and Romney have known each other (and been friends) since forever.

Further, there are the rumblings from the former head of Mossad, Meir Dagan, that bombing won't do the job anyway, with suggestions that a number of top political and military leaders are beginning to agree with him. Read the whole article.

There's lots of goodies in this edition. Here's another, arguing that many in the US are claiming that Iran's nuclear bomb programme would be set back by only 1 to 3 years, while others, more optimistic, claim it would delay the programme by at least 5 years. It also notes that Obama has been heard saying that November is his last election, after which he's got more freedom of action, so the headline suggesting that the US may do the job itself is pertinent.

Again, this issue (of 11 July) has an article suggesting that the replacement for the Tal Law is in disarray, whereas, just the day before, other writers were arguing the opposite, that pressure from Kadimah within the coalition had, along with big street demos, created a situation where the opposite would happen, and the Tal Law would be replaced by a new law demanding Haredi involvement in civil society (i.e., military service and all).

Go figure! But, after all, these are Jews: you know the saying, "Two Jews, three opinions".

Like I said at the top, you need to sign up for yourselves. So far they haven't sent me a bill. What could be bad about that?

By Brian Goldfarb.


KatieNorcross said...

Never expect that Obama will attack Iran. In fact given a second term (G-d forbid!), Obama will likely attack Israel in the great hope of ridding the world of that problem, appeasing his Muslim masters, and fulfilling the great wish of his mentor Wright.

Unless Israel gets rid of the Iranian threat, Iran will get rid of Israel.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I would say Iran may bit of more than they are able to swallow, so no worries.