22 April 2011

Qaradawi, coma and singing women

According to the "Department of Monitoring" of Kavkaz Center (the Chechen terror wing mouthpiece), "Qaradawi has lapsed into a coma and there are no signs of improvement in his health condition".

The event caused Kavkaz Center some hardly hidden satisfaction, judging by the article. One of the reasons:

It is to be noted that in recently, Qaradawi issued fatwas, one after another, that clearly contradict the Sharia. Thus, a Qaradawi's fatwa on permissibility of women's singing caused a wave of denials and disturbances among the scholars of the Al-Azhar University, because the scholars agreed that a woman can sing only in the presence of other women or men who are her mahrams.
Oh well, I guess that the coma of good Dr Sheykh Yusuf al-Qardawi isn't so recent then. Otherwise he wouldn't contradict...

Let's wait for more fatwas then.