03 April 2011

Goldstone elegantly reverses

So, what fueled Goldstones turnaround?

That question will no doubt be answered by the Anti Zionist kneejerker contingent with a host of conspiracy theories that will plague the web, (and alternate Guardian universe) for decades.

In itself, the answer lays firmly on the bed of facts that accompanied the IDF’s internal probes and subsequent resulting actions. A first for any modern Army in as much as the minute details of this world opinion and UN driven enema were laid fully open to public scrutiny at every stage.

The recent real world equivalent to the IDF’s public purge was the televised proceedings on British television depicting the manufactured reality show drama concerning the invasion of Iraq, out of which we learned… Gurnisht mit gurnisht garnished on a plate of waffle and turd.

Scouring the web for articles on Goldstones about-turn this morning, one finds a distinct lack of coverage in the British press, with one particular cesspit rendered mute – the Guardian, which made more sales due to their thorough ongoing coverage of Goldstone’s report from its inception (within the cancerous womb of the UN’s tunnel visioned bastard child – The UN Human Rights Council) to the soiled conclusions that were presented as the final report.


Pisa said...

Welcome back! It's not exactly mid-april but I knew you wouldn't miss Goldstone's flip-flop (check "flip-flop" on Urban Dictionary - now it's our turn!).

Here is what might have caused it:

The lack of coverage in the British press doesn't surprise me, it surprises me that you expected them to cover it! However, the lack of coverage in the NYT is really appalling:

OT - what about this?


Good to have you back.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Hi Pisa,

Strictly speaking it's not me (STG), it's Gideonswort who authored this articel. I am just lurking few minutes a day here.

Thanks for the links.

Pisa said...

Oops...I missed the name!

Still a good post, enjoyed it. Thank you GideonSwort.

David All said...

Thanks Gideon and Pisa for this post and your comments. It was interesting to read Goldstone's about face. Looks like truth did win out in the end after all.  

It was almost as interesting to read in the Washington Post: The Washington Post is the leading liberal US newspaper, generally more liberal, not less liberal than the New York Times and one that almost never publishs a story favorable to Israel.  A bit surprising about the NYT, but then they have never been very sympathetic to Israel.

Read Michael Weiss column on Goldstone retraction in the Daily Telegraph at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/israel/8426405/Goldstones-mea-culpa-has-come-too-late.html 

(Hat tip to Harry's Place for the link.)

Snoopy, hope you are doing okay and will soon be returning to Simply Jews. I have missed you.

Dick Stanley said...

Hopefully, this will render future opinions from Judge Goldstone as worthless as his report deserved to be.

No Good Boyo said...

Learn from your elders, not the Elders, Snoop. Prof Ilan Pappe knows the answer. Goldstone is scared of an Aman hit squad, as set out by Norm - a real professor - here:


Anonymous said...

"within the cancerous womb of the UN’s tunnel visioned bastard child "

A bastard child is an innocent child, conceived in love. The UNHR Council should more plausibly be likened to Rosemary's baby.

Anonymous said...

And the comment is from Noga. I always forget to sign in. Sorry.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link, David. More about Judge G. soon. I hope.

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, that sick Pappe... thanks, NGB. Cool stuff from Norm.

GideonSwort said...

Erm, this Mamzer was not concieved by Love Noga, It's the unfortunate result of UN's rape.