18 April 2011

7 popular myths about the Egyptian revolution

The subject is strangely close to that of Passover, I guess.

Sandmonkey is posting rarely during this days, thus this post is especially important. It shows the difference between the inside view and the mostly uninformed one of the various overseas commentators.

However, I am not sure that Sandmonkey's overly optimistic approach doesn't color his view and his predictions. The power of positive thinking shouldn't be underestimated, for sure, but we shouldn't forget that a view of an intelligent, progressive urban dweller like Sandmonkey is not necessarily shared by the majority of Egyptian population. Whose votes will really count, if we can hope for a truly democratic election.

I will keep my fingers crossed for Sandmonkey and many other like-minded people, even if he sees it necessary to send a barb or two toward Israel (knowing well that the latter has no more power to change the outcome of the election in Egypt than a gnat to change the direction of the Nile).

And let's hope that the next democratically elected government of Egypt will not make sure (like Hamas did) that this election is the last democratic one. And that it will keep to the existing peace agreements.

Via Dick Stanley.


Dick Stanley said...

I missed the barbs. Sort of undercuts his optimism, doesn't it.

Dick Stanley said...

Altho with one exception, which was immediately shouted down, his commenters are supportive of Israel.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Generally, so is he. Which goes to prove that some old prejudices die hard.