09 April 2011

Defrocked For Calling A Terrorist….A Terrorist

A priest in Finland faces being defrocked after describing one of the world’s most-wanted criminals as a ‘terrorist’. He was referring to Doku Umarov – the man behind the Moscow metro and airport bombings, among other crimes.

The story of political correctness going wild is amazing by itself. No less amazing, however, is the indignation of the Russian TV (RT channel). The nice folks of RT will do their best to avoid the T-word themselves - of course when the word applies to terrorism-inclined people other than Chechen (and their affiliates) ones.

Is there a lesson to be learned from this story - aside of Finland doing their best to irk the Russian bear? You tell me.

P.S. And yes - Doku Umarov is definitely a terrorist, no question about it...


Dick Stanley said...

Like the TV chick's boots. Oh, wait a minute. Chick is not politically correct, is it?

Well, hell, they do call it chick lit, after all, though maybe that's not a good excuse.

Still, in the US only the feds refuse to call a terrorist a terrorist, and only when the Democrats are in power.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Chick is pretty bad these days. Take care when going out for the next few days.