10 April 2011

History according to a little fart

It is a long time since this blog checked upon well-being of the little fart aka Mark Elf, he of the toenail nibbling Jews sans Frontiers. The time would have been even longer, had I not stumbled on his amazing letter to The Guardian of April 8, 2011, in which he puts the subject of state legitimacy on a totally new footing. This trailblazing letter is hardly comprehensible, as much of the subject's writing on his own blog. Judge, for example, the following pearl:

While Arab regimes are oppressive to maintain the governments in power, Israel's oppression goes to the heart of its existence as a state to which Jews from around the world have more right to live than the native non-Jewish population.
I have seen Chinese manuals of electronic products that are easier on one's eyes. The letter in general is "oppressive to understand", but it's not that long, so put a stout heart to it, please.

But the part where the revolutionary new approach to history is defined is this one:
Other states have carried out ethnic cleansing in the past. But Israel owes its ethno-religious majority to a recent, current and ongoing campaign of displacement of the indigenous population. That was true of the US, it was true of Australia. It has been true of many states. But Israel's crimes are more recent and, therefore, its continued existence is predicated on its human rights.
In one stroke of his electronic pen, our little fart has exonerated what he calls US and Australia (in reality the British imperial expansion, but what do we know?) from the past sin of ethnic cleansing. Apparently, there is an expiration date on this specific crime. If we take Australia as an example of the little fart's magnanimity, the last recorded mass massacre of Aboriginal population took place in the end of the twenties (last century) although individual cases of wanton murder of Aboriginals continued into the sixties. So, according to little fart's reading of history, limitations period for the crime of ethnic cleansing is about 80 years.

I am not sure what date the little fart puts on that "ethnic cleansing" label (is it 1948 or 1967?), and I leave the "recent, current and ongoing campaign of displacement" (whatever it means) for the readers to untangle. Anyhow, it may mean that, according to the little fart's judgment, we'll be out of the woods in 20 to 40 years. Ain't it a miracle of modern jurisprudence?

Nu, fine, I guess we can wait a bit more. What is forty years compared to the perspective of being excused and accepted by the little toenail biting anti-Zionist AssaJew?

P.S. To give our subject some credit: he realized that his letter is somewhat deficient where its language is concerned. He even dedicated a post to the issue, where, funnily enough, he missed most of the points. Woops indeed...


Yitzchak Goodman said...

Part of the problem is that statements such as Elf's sound a lot better if the actual facts that supposedly support them are kept waiting in the wings and not allowed on stage under any circumstances. Green-line Israel has has overwhelming Jewish majority, most of them born in Israel.  Green-line Israel plus the West Bank has a solid Jewish majority. Gaza now belongs to the Ummah. So what is he talking about? Is he counting native Jordanians of Palestinian extraction as part of "the native non-Jewish population"? Or is he just saying that a national existence that has to be defended from enemies is immoral?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Elf's mind is rather a closed book for me, Yitzchak. No doubt, future psychiatrists will decipher it, but for now I am helpless.

Dick Stanley said...

Ideologies and logic have always made for strange bedfellows.

If Israel really had gone in for ethnic cleansing, say in 1967, there wouldn't be half the problems there are now. Even the shouting about it would have died down to a murmur.

Anonymous said...

With respect, even psychiatrists have their limitations when it comes to curing, or deciphering,  stupidity.