12 April 2011

Hamas, Holocaust and the yellow school bus

A keen mind wouldn't take long to establish the link between the three entities named in the headline of this post. Still, a keen mind could take a break from time to time, and for these I am translating (using Google, of course) an article that so far appears only in Russian.

HAMAS: Israel is lying about the missile that hit the school bus

Hamas has compared the missile fired last week on a bus with Israeli schoolchildren with the Holocaust ... but in the negative, anti-Israeli sense.

In an article published in Hamas daily "Palestine", someone named Ahmad al-Hadidi said that reports of Israeli and other media that the missile hit the bus which transported students after school, are false.

According to the author, the school bus with students couldn't be traveling so far from the location of the settlement. Also, the pictures of wounded students or ambulances that took away the victims were not published.

"Israel is engaged in fraud and making up stories, squeezing out a tear, in order to induce sympathy, just as they exaggerate the Holocaust," - says Al-Hadidi.
Should I add my worthless comments to that? Nah...


chairwoman said...

Let me add mine then  

F*** 'em all!

Pisa said...

Hey Snoopy,
I don't know who published this junk, or why, but they might be interested to see Hamas' english webpage with the comunique about the school bus:

Via Elder of Ziyon.

Couldn't find it in russian, sorry.

There's a lot more I would like to say, but I don't have time for it. This week is a nightmare, I work all day. Next week, however, you'll run out of luck - it's holiday!

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Well, it shows that different Gaza outfits have different agendas. I would say that there isn't much need to get a headache trying to figure out why this or another Hamas thinker decided to publish this or that propaganda piece.

Thanks for the link and try not to work too much, it's a hazard for one's well-being ;)

Dick Stanley said...

Indeed. Bombs away.