18 April 2010

Haveil Havalim #263: Post - Yom ha Shoa edition

This week was indeed, as one of the bloggers mentioned, a frenetic one. Yom ha Shoa, the Kam/Blau scandal, the Holyland bribery affair that's just started to unfold, the Polish elite tragically expiring in a plane crash. Throw in about five (or ten) powerful earthquakes in different corners of the world, and the job of putting it all in a perspective becomes a tough one.

As usual, let's go to the reminder - what HH is about:

Founded by Soccer Dad, Haveil Havalim is a carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It's hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Jack. The term 'Haveil Havalim,' which means "Vanity of Vanities," is from Qoheleth, (Ecclesiastes) which was written by King Solomon. King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other 'excesses' and realized that it was nothing but 'havel,' or in English, 'vanity.'
Now that we are all on the same page we can start: again with a picture by Dzeni:

Note that the names on the Yellow Badge are not "recycled" from previous images - even though the shape is the same. A large version of the picture is available at this link.


What makes her different from many other Jews of her generation?

Her Holocaust Memorial Day.

Poland and the day of remembrance.

Holocaust Memorial Day: thoughts.

Never again

A Window to Hope and Despair.

The Story of the Treblinka Extermination Camp.

Day Of Remembrance

Lest we forget.

Tragedy and Glory: Resistance and Remembrance on Yom HaShoah.

The 'Virtues of Memory'.

Against All Odds, My Grandmother’s Story.

Personal Journeys: A Child of the Holocaust.

Deanna Durbin and the Holocaust.

Nu, Israel?

The Scandal (a separate paragraph for the Kam/Blau affair). We shall definitely continue talking about it for a while. Like In The Time of The Judges, say some. And how about Moshe Negbi who thinks that Anat Kam is Another Ellsberg? And, as a matter of self-aggrandizing: my four bits too.

Smelly and yummy usually means cheesy.

The US-Israel bond may shake and break. For sure.

Let's Wait A Generation or Two - I am ready to.

The phony “peace process” - yes, as phony as they come.

Dog, cat, kids and a Shiloh history story.

Falafel for falafels. It's time, too...

Taking Down the Caravilla. Be shaah tova!

And another day in Israel.

Will a "Palestinian" Islamic Terror State be Forced Upon Israel?

About the Money…

Bulldozing our history.

And, on the other hand: Israeli street names: Hassan Shuqri.

Remembering Chaim - Memorial Day 5770.

It isn’t Israel causing Iran’s race for the bomb.

Israel’s economic rather than military wings are spread and flying independently. Good.

Solution for High School Tuition Crisis? Almost, I would say.

On Ariadna Jove Martí, Conflict Tourism and Wannabe Martyrs.

Jewish Anti-Semitism. It sure goes around.

Let Them Meet Steel. Maybe.

A marriage of convenience - would you believe such a thing exists?

110 useful and educational links about Israel toward Independence Day.

Judaism and Jewish Culture

Aren't we, the Jooz, allowed to pour some righteous wrath from time to time, even if the pouring is pretty much virtual and harmless?

The bus issue that just wouldn't go away or Rebellion On Jerusalem Bus No. 74 .

On the pace and scheduling of public prayer (I wonder why, if we are so clever, hadn't we invented that prayer wheel?).

On Ta’amei Ha-Mitzvot.

Teaching Jr About Tolerance of "Other" Jews. Yep, not easy that one.

Religion and State in Israel - April 12, 2010 - in two parts.

A good question regarding modesty. And another on mikvah rules.

How did Chazal know that 'drop exudes from the brain and develops into semen'? Well, isn't it all in our minds? I wouldn't know the answer for sure.

Are the Samaritans right in how to spell veHanosei?

What is Yom HaAtzmaut?

Ah, But How White are His Teeth! Good.

On orthoprax Jews and orthoprax Christians.

And now to the big stuff.

A Time to Keep Silent…and A Time to Speak. A great one, even if I say it.

Man: pinnacle of Creation or anticlimax? I knew a person that claimed that pinnacle to be a dose of tequila with salt and lemon on the side, but it's questionable... cause there is whiskey.

Once upon a time, there was a holiday called Pesah (Passover).

Rescuing Lust from Extinction.

Now, does a woman have to be afraid if she runs past a group of Haredi men in the park?

Stuff Yeshivish People Like. Why, some of these I like too...

Out and About (and the Benefit of the Doubt).

Understanding the Misunderstood: The Bible

General (politics and other trifles)

So what is the Middle East's biggest con-game? No, it's not oil. And when you have your usual guilty party in your sights, you don't have to worry about Iran.

President Obama’s Anti-terrorism Theatrics: A Tale of Two Cities.

Equal opportunity blamers - a new game in town? And don't miss The wages of appeasement.

Did Netanyahu Come To Obama's Nuclear Summit After All--Impersonating Sarkozy?

Definition of “terrorism”. With a "but".

A challenge: tell your story in six words! Prizes - TBD (To Be Defined).

Obama’s Pie in the Sky. And We Need to Connect the Dots.

Gnome Chomsky 5: and his dog predicate. He he he.

National Nuclear Festival in Tehran. A strange holiday, you would agree.

British Lawyer Wants to Throw Global Warming Doubters in Jail! For Eco-Cide? Nu, shoin, now I have seen it all (Nah, I am joking, of course).

Darkness in Gaza: so who is guilty? Guess.

Baby Assad vs. Barack Obama. 1:0 after the first game.

Those far right but very wealthy Jewish-American organizations. Go figure.

Stephen Walt gets a smackdown. Always a pleasure.

The wrong way to fight Jihad.

Get some perspective on Jewish losses, Obama!

Times Square bombing plot – seriously scary. More to come, I'm afraid.

76 of 100 Senators urge Clinton to reaffirm bonds with Israel. Like one can count on whatever Hilary pledges.

The Guardian parades Rachel Shabi’s ignorance – again. Bleh...

Ed Koch: almost off the Obama train. Thank You, Former Mayor Koch.

Blank slate.

Of Plots And Monsignors. Cool? You bet.

One-state tour visits our town. Or - a plague of one-staters?

Mass Starvation and Displacement in Syria.

Dangerous doppelgangers - has this ever happened to you? Er...

Calling all angels. Yes, we may need some of them soon.

Hebrew: To Unite All Jews. Yes, but sometimes on a bad day I think that it will be better if each of us was talking a different language, to prevent internecine squabbles.

Why ChaCha = Fail?

Kyrgyzstan Jewish Community Anxious. I am anxious to know what the heck they are doing there.


Do you recognize this man?

Solar power scam - I put in it "Fun", although it is neither here nor there. Amazing stuff.

All the people should glorify the honor of being his soldiers and disciples and dash like the wind toward the victory in the drive to build a thriving nation under the uplifted banner of the Juche idea. Mmm... lovely.

A model Zionist? And no drooling on your keyboard, please.

On the other hand: Don’t Let the Bed Bats Bite. Yup.

Unbelievably, many, many families are washing men’s and women’s clothing together at the same time in the same washing machine. It may lead to... to... dancing!!!

BEAJ has finally found a home. Oh boy...

Malaysian Politicians Keep Finding Zionist Plots. All's well, long as it keeps them busy.

British elections campaign and the ups and downs of cows.

How-to cut a Star of David - in 5 paper folds and 4 cuts only!

"Oh Beautiful for Toiletries...." He he.

Cats (but of course)and (as an exception) dogs

Now It Can Be Told: That Cat Can’t Stay Is Out!

Does a person have a right to a bad day? I guess so.


Locusts. A matter of taste, I am still sure (this is why I put it in Personals).

Jacob Richman opened a Cafepress Store.

I have danced to the end of love, she says.

A History of My Child's Life.

Why Rabbis have no friends, Part 24. Do they? Some of my best... nah, I am delirious.

Take life as it comes, a day, and an hour, at a time. Advises don't come any better than this one.

And now to the Late City Edition.

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