29 April 2010

Annette Edwards - Jessica Rabbit and the eyes, the eyes!

Check out the male interviewer's eyes. Hilarious.


Katie Norcross said...

They are pathic.  She is way to fat and old to even be considered to look like her.  Some plastic surgeon is laughing all the way to the bank!

CGHill said...

At least she's not trying to look like, say, Tweety.

Dick Stanley said...

Very porky rabbit. I think of her as Jessica after age and gravity take over.

David All said...

Dick, you are right, this is probably what Jessica Rabbit would look like today, twenty years after the movie, "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was made.

A year or so after that movie came out, a friend named her new dog, Jessica after Jessica Rabbit. Latter when she complained that Jessica was disorbedient, she was reminded who she had named Jessica for!
In 1997, my friend got another new dog, a labador who she named Buddy. A week or so latter it was announced that President Clinton had named his new dog, also a labador, Buddy as well!