28 April 2010

May 20, 2010: first Everybody Draw Mohammad Day

If only I were able to draw... Details by Wolf Howling.


Michael said...

Everybody Draw Mohhamad day is a big mistake.
Drawing Mohammad is offensive to Muslims the way that erasing G-d's Name is to Jews or Peeing on a Crucifix is to Xtians, or flag burning is to all sane people.

All of these actions shoul be legal, and are protected by free speech, however doing somthing offensive to a large group of people is not an appropriate way to make a poltical statement.

The fact that there have been death threats against cartoonists is despicable and should be investigated by police, however offending all Muslims (including Muslims who have spoken out against the violence) is not an appropriate response.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Please allow me to disagree, Michael. All the religious groups you have mentioned could do better with being less sensitive re criticism, satire and general horsing around their sacred cows.

And that goes especially for Islam, whose guardians are getting too frisky.

Dick Stanley said...

If anybody needs a lesson in tolerance it is the Musselmen. Fat chance, though.

Michael said...

So snoopy, do you think that a National Flag Burning day would be an appropriate way for AMericans to show support for the First Ammendment?

Flag burning is and should remain legal, however that doesn't mean that it's a good idea to offend a lot of people.

David All said...

I can only draw stick figures, but will do my best to draw Mohammad on May 20th..