06 April 2010

Irredentism, lies and Andrew Sullivan

A visual illustration like the one below goes a long way to support a bunch of lies.

It's catchy, simple and allows a bunch of liars to swindle even people who are supposed (or were supposed) to be intelligent enough to see through the ruse. And to understand that, as Ami Isseroff writes in his powerful article Palestinian Land Loss Narrative, "Irredentism is suffused into national culture by those who wish to make peace impossible".

Read the whole article.


David All said...

Have seen this series of maps showing how the Israelis have supposedly systematically dispossed over the years the poor Palestinians of their land before. It is a classic Big Lie technique right of Goebbels handbook and unfortunately is getting quite a bit of circulation. Thanks for linking to Ami Isseroff's fine article exposing it. Important to give articles like Ami's the widest possible circulation to expose this nonsense for the Lie that it is.

(Joke, related to article linked to yesterday)
The next phrase in the Zionists campaign to drive the Palestinians off their land is revealed at http://nizos.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-palestine-was-lost.html