12 April 2010

Anat Kam - Uri Blau affair - update

This update is way too important to become a part of the previous post on the subject. As heard on radio (the transcript here in Hebrew):

Manny Mazoz, the previous government legal adviser, stated as early as January 2009 that the targeted killings performed by IDF in Jenin and Nablus didn't stray from the High Court of Justice guidance, unlike what was claimed in the 2008 article by Uri Blau.
Further reading on the same subject - by Soccer Dad.

On a related subject:
Anat Kam will relinquish her journalistic immunity as the source of Haaretz reporter Uri Blau and is calling on him to return to Israel from London with all the documents she has given him, her defense attorney Avigdor Feldman told Haaretz on Sunday.
Journalistic immunity for a soldier stealing classified documents? WTF?


Stinky said...

Unrelated to Kam/Blau, but remember all those claims by Jenny Tonge and other Brits RE: Israel harvesting Palestinian organs?  Well...


Dvar Dea said...

<span>What Anat Kam and Uri Blau got is a condition called Ideological Hallucinations.</span>
<span>It is neither medical nor mental it is sociological; ‘Breaking the Silence’ are a worse case of that condition. <span> </span></span>

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That too, although I would still differentiate between Kam and Blau.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks, stinky. This is why I've donated my whole stiff - to prevent these clerical errors. Besides, I know very well that any self-respecting medical facility will reject any and all organs of mine as substandard and soaked in nicotine and alcohol.

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Snoopy: It gets worse!  The disk with the 2000 documents has been "lost"...and the IDF assumes its fallen into the hands of the enemy.