12 April 2010

Anat Kam - Uri Blau affair - update 2

Thanks to Jameel, I have just read another news on the subject that put a totally new light on the case:

The Tel Aviv District Court allowed several new details in the Anat Kam affair to be released Monday, among which is the disconcerting discovery that one of the CD's burnt by the indicted journalist has gone missing.
The damage to IDF and, consequently, to the country as a result of this criminal lack of responsibility is stupendous, and I can only hope that the two idiots are realizing the gravity of their actions. It is unclear from the article who of the pair lost the CD, but it explains why Mr Blau is reluctant to return home.

As for the lady, she is quoted in the same article saying:
I couldn't make a big enough difference during my service.
I hope that she is not too stupid to understand what magnitude of difference she caused - both in material damage and in possible loss of lives...