28 July 2009

Seven Things I Love

Bob from Brockley and The New Centrist ambushed me. Since even Hercules never fought two people at once, I will be prudent and surrender to the tagging attack. With a twist.

The mission is simple: list the seven things you love and tag seven other victims. Simple.

It appears that try as I might, I am unable to improve on Bob's list, so here it comes, with two remarks afterward.

  1. My family.
  2. Relaxing. Ideally on a beach, with an unbroken blue sky, a light breeze, facing West into a perfect blue ocean, perhaps the Bahamas...
  3. A really good book. Something that transports you from wherever you are to somewhere special.
  4. Children being happy.
  5. Good music.
  6. Good food. Ideally eaten by me (others could participate, but from their own plates, please, no sneaking around mine). Ideally built upon carcasses of dead animals. Ideally with a nice claret.
  7. Being slightly drunk.
Bob will notice I've modified #2 and #6 a bit. Now the remarks: ## 2 and 3 could be easily combined. #6 / #7 could be switched around, then, if the cook wasn't up to his/her best, it will be easier to overlook.

Now to the victims: Dick Stanley, Noga, Batya, A. Decker, Incognito, Jams,