10 July 2009

A random wisecrack

Being a connoisseur of anti-Semitic jokes, I cannot pass an opportunity to make a flippant comment on this post by Norm. He says:

One can't even say of Madoff's crimes that they were acts institutionally or symbolically associated with a collective Jewish body, as when diaspora Jews worry about policies of the Israeli state of which they are critical. Unless, that is, one thinks that financial malpractice is a typically Jewish misdemeanour - not a thought one would expect to find in the Jerusalem Post, that thought being part of the lore of anti-Semitism.
Of course, Madoff is a black sheep in an otherwise healthy family, easily proved by this example and the fact that any Jooish mom wants the boy to become a lawyer or a doctor, never a financier (phooey!).

So, not to argue with the general thrust of Norm's post, but to provide some solace to anti-Semites and to decipher that stupid JP article Norm refers to: of course, financial malpractice in general will not be considered by JP Jooz a misdemeanor (typical to us or not) - it is the unsuccessful financial malpractice by shlemiels like Madoff that will be...