30 July 2009

Health Ministry to hypnotists: Stop helping clients explore past lives

Israeli hypnotists were told to refrain from helping clients explore past lives, following a recent decision on the matter by a special Health Ministry advisory committee.

The Advisory Committee on the Law on Hypnosis made the ruling following complaints by clients who said that they had sustained serious emotional damage because of reincarnation hypnosis sessions.
Dunno, I am of two minds regarding the practice. Of course, I am as curious as the next person regarding my previous convi activities. On the other hand, I have already tried to found out some of it, going twice for tests (one is here, the second one I just can't find). The results were: a) a diseased Chilean belly dancer who died of plague and b) a high ranking amazon of fierce nature plus a man-eater and -beater.

Now, what will happen if I went to one of them hypnotists and discovered more and more female incarnations in my past? I mean, where does it stop and should I consider a treatment to get in line with my past?


Update: took another quiz to try and balance out the female dominance in my history:

But it doesn't say anything gender-related. Were there female scribes in Egypt?


Noor said...

We are here to learn all we can in our current incarnation. That is the main reason we forget from life to life... as well as the cumulative guilt we might feel if we knew of our previous ill deeds, can cause problems.

Each life is a fresh slat, a new suit of clothes for the soul, so to speak.

Some of us are nosy and pry. Some of us are bleedthroughs. Some seek healing for one thing of another. I am a bleedthough. A  bleedthough is one to whom the memories just come, unasked for. Naively I just left myself open to memories for about 25 years and it was exciting, fun, life changing in some ways, and always affirming whether for good or bad some of the tragedies of my life.

Then came a whole new set of memories about 12 years ago. The strongest ever. That life was tragic and it completely took over my life here in this time.  In truth, I had a foot planted in each life and the older one was getting stronger each day. If I did not stop it I knew I would be lost to my children possibly forever. I was losing my present self and becoming that other person more strongly by the hour.

So I saw a reincarnational healer and we had one session. After that I slowly healed. During the following 5 years or so, other lives came to me when I met old friends whom I had known from centuries and millenia past. Very very wise people they are.

I was instructed to stop prying into the past. For what reasons I do not wish to divulge, however I have listened to them because I respect their wisdom and insight.So I obey because on some level I know I have surpassed what I was meant to remember and there is no need.

These pursuits can be addictive and definitely effect our lives in ways we do not expect. So although once I thought it was ok to do this, now I advise those who seek my input to seal the door if they can and keep the past where it belongs, not in the here and now.