04 July 2009

Mexican midget matmen, rabbit-obsessed woman, screaming mom etc.

This weekend seems to be extremely fruitful where strange quirks are considered.

Two Mexican Midget Wrestlers Killed by Fake Prostitutes

Autopsies are being performed on the two midget wrestlers, one of whom went by the name "La Parkita" — or "Little Death" — and wore a skeleton costume in the ring. The other was known as "Espectrito Jr." Authorities say two women were seen leaving the men's hotel room before the bodies were discovered.
I don't even know where to start commenting on this one. You would think wrestlers could take care of an assault...

Rabbit-obsessed woman sent back to jail
Police arrested Sakewitz on 16 June after she called a maintenance worker to her room in the Portland suburb of Tigard to fix a broken television set. The worker saw and smelled the rabbits, some of them hopping free.The woman's legal problems began in 2006 when police found more than 150 rabbits in her home and dozens more bunny bodies in freezers.
At least she didn't collect TV repairmen...

Teenagers who mishear sex noises attack woman's lover
US police say a teenage girl overheard her mother's screams during sex and thought she was being assaulted, so she rounded up some friends to attack the woman's lover. A 16-year-old girl misinterpreted the woman's amorous screams, and she and four other teens went to the woman's bedroom in the Torrington home, police Lt. Bruce Whiteley said. One of the teens beat the 25-year-old man with a bat and others punched him, police said. He suffered a black eye and several bruises.
Two remarks: a)More sex education in Torrington; b) Lock you bedroom door to avoid mishaps; c) Muffler?

Staff strip naked to improve morale
David Taylor, a business psychologist, told workers at design and marketing onebestway, in Newcastle upon Tyne, that a Naked Friday idea would boost their team spirit.
This David Taylor bloke - wasn't he a slightly gay person with an old-fashioned haircut and lisping voice?

And now back to midgets:

This one wouldn't succumb easily to no fake prostitute, after all he learned all the tricks by now.

North Korea Fires 7 Missiles Off Eastern Coast

Obviously to join the celebrations of Independence Day in US...