21 July 2009

Erin Andrews Peephole Pictures - May Cause Damage

That article really made me smile:

The prurient interest many people have in seeing the "Erin Andrews peephole pictures" may end up with potential peeping Tom's computers needing a visit to the repair shop. That's because malicious hackers have made up a number of web pages designed to lure people in on the promise of satisfying their perverted fantasies but end up instead with installing malware that will quickly wreak havoc on their PCs.
While I had to look up "prurient" and "perverted" in a dictionary, the mere idea is kind of funny. Well, my guests, at ease: no hacking attempts from this here blog beyond the average offered by Google and other widget makers that succeeded to sell their produce here. To make you feel even easier, I prepared another tranquilizer for today:

Just for a brief respite from your usual prurient and perverted surfing. This is not a zoo shot, by the way - it's a free range wild parrot, albeit displaced a bit... the story is too long.

Keep your cool. And take care of your PC...