09 July 2009

The real rulers of the Earth

Of course, it is nice to be a part of the Elders' machine and feel that you control this place. But from time to time doubts start gnawing. Or, perhaps, even bite.

Today, for instance, something triggered another chain of FUD (fear uncertainty and doubts) .

A new study shows caffeine reversed memory loss in mice bred to develop Alzheimer’s disease and reduced the level of beta-amyloid protein in the blood and brain.
Haven't you noticed that many a reversal of medical thinking, faithfully and immediately carried out by the media and in a day or two by your doctor, are actually dictated by mice?

Mice tell you the caffeine is good for you, in a few months they decide that it's bad, then they warmly recommend chocolate and a bit later forbid it under threat of this or another malady. They caused an enormous brouhaha with smoking, cooking oils, red meat, chicken, various kinds of fruit, vegetables, you name it.

Mice are fickle and change their august opinions quite frequently. From time to time it even appears that there are several warring groups of mice, giving the media contradictory commands, causing even more chaos in our miserable way of life.

So, after all, Douglas Adams was right and this planet is really no more than an experiment, created and conducted by mice, for their benefit or just for amusement - we'll never know.

Another observation: mice could consume enormous amounts of stuff. Like in the exercise linked above:
In the study, mice ... were given 500 milligrams of caffeine (equivalent to five cups of regular coffee) in their daily drinking water.
So, while being helpless in stopping the mice from ruling and ruining my life, at least I know enough to stock up on my favorite brand of coffee, to be on the safe side. Good.