04 July 2009

"Jewishes" and a deficient Head

JC released a soppy tale of homegrown antisemitism flaring up at an Infants’ School in Paddington – an apparent multi-faith, predominantly Muslim primary school.

The Head Master, at Hallfield Infants’ School, one Philip Eaton failed to ascertain the origin of this racist outbreak, noting that "… There is a bigger issue of where they [children] are getting this from and it must be somewhere outside.”

This of course raises a few questions as to what Mr. Eaton meant by "somewhere outside". Is this infantile racism a consequence of environmental issues such as Global warming? Pollution? Could this be part of the Swine (no offence intended toward the parents of the racist puerile subjects of the kingdom) Fever pandemic?

I guess that we won't really ever know:

"Mr Eaton said he had wanted time to work out a strategy for dealing with the problem “because children of this age have very short memories of what they are saying."

Really Mr. Eaton? My own particular Two and a half year old would easily prove you wrong, being able to quote himself weeks later. Any child psychologist would confirm that the recall in a Four year old would easily be up to the job. Moreover, by the age of Four, a Normal child has already mastered the art of deception, and as demonstrated, when faced with an incapable school master, can even excel. So Mr. Eaton strategize away, but I suspect that by the time you will have worked out the situation, these infants will have finished their Masters degree.