15 May 2009

The enema remedy - doing quite well, thank you

Since then, as that ancient Jewish story tells, each time when a Pharaoh gets sick, Jews get the enema.
Sorry about that annoying habit of quoting own posts, but the quote is not mine, so...

Anyhow, this time it applies to the supposedly shabby treatment Christians in the whole Middle East get in the hands of Zionists. Honest Reporting got on a few cases of the familiar enema application: one in the Time Magazine by Andrew Lee Butters from Beirut and another on BBC by Tim Franks from Bethlehem. Both blame the exodus of Christians from Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon and even Egypt (sic!) on the Zionist oppression.

So, as you see, the ancient prescription works just fine: you have a problem, and here is a handy and time-tested solution: find a Joo and hey presto! Apply at will.

Only there is a small bug in the works that even a BBC correspondent couldn't sweep under the the BBC's rich Persian rug:
Privately, some Christians in Bethlehem say another factor sometimes motivates their decision to leave - concern about the rise of radical Islam - but they are unwilling to put such views on the record.
The only fitting answer to the scribes mentioned: come over folks, we have a few big enemas too. For a private and frank discussion, you know. Off the record.

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