08 May 2009

For the Muslim fetus who seeks Jihad

The Hamas mullah in this clip eloquently explains that "the mosque is a prime factory educating men to fear and please Allah; [it is] the prime factory educating Jihad fighters..." Nothing new here, and we have seen recently some creative uses of the Gaza mosques.

Then our mullah adds a more creative element to his speech:

The Palestinian fetus in its mother's womb, the Muslim fetus throughout the world in its mother's womb, call [on Muslims] to unite through fear of Allah, through pleasing Him, and through choosing Jihad and Resistance.
We have a strong feeling that the intrauterine stage of the young Muslim development have been hitherto neglected. To facilitate the intrauterine search for Jihad, the Elders' labs have developed a new pill, tentatively named Belt-o-caine. Daily intake of three pills for a week will modify the genetic code of the fetus, causing it to grow an explosive belt from week 4, getting out at the prescribed time ready for immediate martyrdom.

Batteries not included.

Hat tip: PMW.

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