09 May 2009

Photohunt: in memory

The theme for this week is "In memory".

First of all, the date (May 9) is celebrated in Russia and a few other countries as a Victory Day - the day when Nazi Germany surrendered (the surrender document was signed late on May 8, and it was already May 9 Moscow time). Of course, Soviet Union was not the only country to fight the Nazis, but Soviet Union and the Red Army took the brunt of this war: estimated USSR losses within postwar borders now stand at 26.6 million. So, the most fitting picture for the date:

Soviet soldier putting up the red flag over Reichstag.

Well, now to more pleasant an fresh memories: a few non-famous but memorable corners of Jerusalem.

Just a wall.

Just a narrow lane.

Going home from the Friday market (that's the special shopping day - for the Sabbath).

And what does this girl read on the roof? We shall never know.

And another side street.

In a back yard.

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