02 May 2009

Nikki Catsouras Car Crash Photos and the Dark Side of Humanity on the Web

This article shows clearly why the Internet was invented - for some people.

Nikki Catsouras was killed in a horrible car crash on Halloween day of 2006. The 18-year-old Orange County, California, resident had been driving her father's black Porsche 911 Carrera at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour when she lost control of the vehicle and smashed into a concrete tollbooth. She was killed instantly, and, much to her family's horror, nine grisly Nikki Catsouras car crash photos found their way onto the Internet and went viral.

A few days after the accident, Nikki's father, Christos, who is a real estate agent, opened an e-mail that he thought to be a property listing. But that was far form the case. Instead, what he saw his daughter Nikki's blood-covered face accompanied by the following caption: "Whoohoo Daddy! Hey Daddy, I'm still alive."
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