26 May 2009

Yisrael Beiteinu? Or what?

For Hebrew - challenged: Yisrael Beiteinu means "Israel our home". Or, in other words, a name for a party that is quickly becoming a fucking gang of brownshirts that will take our country to fascist hell if we don't stop them in time.

When a well-meaning minister invents a law that will prevent demonstrations against public officials near their houses, it smells bad. It irritates. It reminds you of places and times you would rather forget.

When a malicious little paskudnyak that plays a big patriot invents a law that will prohibit Israeli Arabs to mark the Nakba (no matter how malicious and stupid that Nakba day is), it starts stinking. You have to sit up, smell the air and ask yourself what the hell is going on around you?

When that same gang of brownshirts invents a law that requires Israeli citizens to pledge an oath of allegiance, you may think a first that OK, quite a few countries have their folks doing the same as a precondition to getting that red or blue or green passport. But then you notice that "I pledge to be loyal to the State of Israel as a Jewish, Zionist and democratic state...". And it starts stinking to high heaven. And you don't see red anymore - just brown.

When some of us vote in people who wouldn't know democracy if the democracy bit them on their fascist backsides and, in fact, couldn't care less about the democracy, we all pay. Not immediately, no - it will take some time. But a day may come when we all will wake up to flags we have not yet seen and to music we haven't yet heard. If we don't stop the vermin in time.

Or some of us may find out that Israel is not exactly their home anymore.

Take heed.

P.S. This here blog goes on vacation for a week or so. And no, it is not related to the mofos mentioned in this post.