07 May 2009

UC Irvine hatefest starts again

From time to time the Muslim Student Union in UC Irvine has to prove that it doesn't exist for nothing. Their new entertainment program goes under this poster:

After the movie, several presentations will be given by the principal actors:

  1. Cynthia McKinney: FEMA refrigerator trucks and 5000 Zionist bullets to the head
  2. George Galloway: ZOG and million nuclear missiles provided by it to the Zionist entity
  3. Cynthia McKinney: Green movement and its grass roots or what do I smoke after lunch
  4. George Galloway: How to dress attractively when your oil income is curbed or the best way to wear a leotard
  5. Cynthia McKinney: Obama - not black green enough and Zionist to boot
  6. George Galloway: The man (PBUH) who taught me to lick hands and other appendages (PG 14)
  7. George Galloway/Cynthia McKinney: duet rendering of "Yes, with blood and with spirit we will redeem you Palestine!"

And for a musical encore: "How to recognize me - up close and personal". An aria by Cynthia McKinney.

Halal refreshments served to survivors in the lobby.

More info here.

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