22 April 2009

Thinner is better to curb global warming? Or what?

Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (sic!) came up with another politically correct doozy:

...a population of heavier people contributes more harmful gases to the planet than a population of thin people.
Of course, I have pulled a fast one here, omitting the words "because of food production and transportation factors" on purpose. But, as I am more than sure, the next slew of articles on the subject will be missing these words as well. So no apologies.

In fact I already envision headlines like:

Obesity drowns the world's last hope

Fatso - leave my ozone layer alone!

Thinner people fart less (the obvious alternative will appear as the next step in the escalation)

Etc. It is worth to point out that this research, coupled with the first signs that corpulent people are going to be actively persecuted in other aspects of their life, comes from UK. For some reason.

It will be worthless to point out the superior flatulent qualities of thin and elegant vegetarians, I guess...

In any case, we, the people of substance, should take notice and organize to fight the blighters.

Corpulent carnivore drinkers and smokers of the world, unite!

Quick, before it's too late.