02 April 2009

Pink-Red Nadine II, Jose Saramago and Ouroboros

I hope that the headline of this piece is bewildering enough to make you want to read a few lines.

Pink-Red Nadine aka Nadine Rosa-Rosso has already appeared here, thus the number. She is "an independent Belgian communist activist" (you may laugh at the oxymoron of "independent communist", but this is a separate issue). In any case, she passionately hates the huge and not very well defined cloud that she calls "imperialism" and does her best to eliminate.

Since you are obviously too lazy to click on that link above, here is the gist of PRN's credo: she considers everything and everybody that is aligned with her view of the "Western Imperialism" to be 100% kosher for her purposes. No matter what are the views of that everybody on freedom, on equality, on human (and women) rights, on democracy, etc.

And the most prominent representatives of the "anti-imperialism" available on the market that Ms Rosa-Rosso was able to find are Islamists (this is the term she uses herself). In her article The Left And Support For Anti-Imperialist Islamist Resistance she eulogizes Hamas and calls for strengthening of the ties between the left and this arch-reactionary gang.

On March 30 she made the next step towards her goal - creation of united front with Hamas. On her site Campo Antiimperialista she proudly reports that she has gathered 1200 signatures on her appeal to remove Hamas from EU Terror list. Of course, removal of Hamas from the list will immediately pacify this hitherto quite bloodthirsty organization... But in fact, being a supporter of elimination of Israel and removal of the Jews from its territory, Pink-Red Nadine doesn't really want Hamas to become less bloodthirsty.

I don't know what will be the next step for Nadine. Following her logic, an appeal to legitimize Taleban, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and other murderous gangs of that kind is not too far in the future.

Jose Saramago - now this is a really disturbing issue. One of the writers whose books I admire and love the most, a man whose humanism and love of his fellow man with all his failures, coupled with a clear genius moving his pen, made him into one of the mountains in the landscape of modern literature - that such a man will fail for the cheap propaganda of Pink-Red Nadine and her ilk would have been inconceivable for me until a few years ago, when Saramago compared Gaza with Auschwitz. I can cheerfully notice and forget the vermin like Gilad Atzmon, Norman Finkelstein, James Petras and others on the list of signatories. It is sad to see Saramago's name between them. I cannot even start guessing his motives. Oh well...

Ouroboros - so what is the link between Ouroboros and Pink-Red Nadine? The unholy alliance PRN is trying to create between extreme left and extreme right causes that, hardly natural (although who knows?) bending of the political axis, when, as the mythical Ouroboros, the said axis starts to swallow its own tail. What is the result? When, as it has already happened in history, the Islamists or any other ultra-right murderous bastards, will come to knock on the communists' doors, I really don't know whether I'll care. Good pastor Niemoller, with all due respect, notwithstanding.

Ouroboros - Shmouroburus... biting self in the ass is what it is all about, in simple language.

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