20 April 2009

Israeli anger over a confusing conference and miscellaneous stuff

The reports about the Durban II and related affairs could confuse a con man, I swear.

Take, for instance, the headlines in different places:

CNN: Israeli anger over anti-racism conference

BBC: Israel protests at racism talks

Is that do in Switzerland racist or anti-racist after all? What with the most active participants, like Mahmoud the Mad, with some people bowing out, with bewildering headlines, I really can't say.

Israel (that means me too, I assume) is mightily pissed off by Swiss president Hans-Rudolf Merz swapping spit with Mahmoud the Mad. It started with recall of our ambassador from his warm nest in... (where the hell do we keep our ambassador in Switzerland? Hmm... have to check).

Something more titillating that so far appeared only on local radio: FM Lieberman invited the Swiss ambassador in Israel for a discussion. Knowing the character in question (FM, I mean), it doesn't bode well for the chap.

At least, Lieberman had the presence of mind to recall our ambassador first, so that Swiss wouldn't be able to pay back in the same manner...

Who says politics ain't fun?