27 April 2009

Read his lips...

This morning I was slowly awakening to a report on Reshet Bet (second channel) radio about the new taxes being invented and implemented by the new Minister of Finance (Likud). The litany of the taxes was too long to remember, besides I was still sleepy and decided that it's just a part of my nightmare. At least this is how it sounded: petrol, vegetables, VAT on tourists' rental cars, accommodations, cigarettes, etc, etc.

Should I remind you that one of the election promises Bibi was running with was reduction of taxes and relief for the low and medium income groups? How does a 15.5% jump in vegetables' prices (to take one example) square with this noble intention is not clear to me.

What is clear already that it's pure Bibi. And if you all think that he will not renege on his other promises, at least don't say that you weren't warned.

Read his lips... and expect the opposite.