26 April 2009

Somali pirates repelled - now what, Mr Hari?

Israeli guards repel Somali pirate attack on cruise ship

This is how the headline in Haaretz reads today.

An Italian cruise ship with 1,500 people on board fended off a pirate attack far off the coast of Somalia when its Israeli private security forces exchanged fire with the bandits and drove them away, the commander said Sunday.
Now, in the spirit of the previous article by Indy's own Johann Hari, I would expect a headline in the Indy along these lines:

Zionist mercenaries attack Somali environmentalists in cold blood

Or something in this vein. Also, I wouldn't expect the above mentioned scribe to reflect on one small technical detail:
Saturday's attack occurred about 200 miles (325 kilometers) north of the
Seychelles, and about 500 miles (800 kilometers) east of Somalia, according to the anti-piracy flotilla headquarters of the Maritime Security Center Horn of Africa.
It looks like environment of Somalia is expanding as we speak...