12 April 2009

The nail polish fatwa and the Lebanese groundhog

Babylon & Beyond, the LA Times blog, published an interesting (well, titillating at least) piece on an unusual fatwa by a militant Lebanese Shiite cleric Ayatollah Mohammad Fadlallah. Being in general only slightly more extreme than Mahmoud the Mad, the pet "president" of Iranian Ayatollahs, Fadlallah suddenly went soft on the issue of fingernail polish.

And lo and behold: here is the immediate result - a photo of Hassan Nasrallah's left hand, obtained by our trained military grade bunker spider a few days ago:

As you can see, while being quite fancy, the version of manicure chosen by Nasrallah is at the same time immensely practical: in case of a need to dig your way our of an underground structure (a basement or, say, a bunker) it is enough to wash your hands afterward and postpone the thorough cleaning under your nails for a better opportunity.

A trained observer cannot miss the fact that some positive changes happened to Sheik's face as well. From another Babylon & Beyond article, the one about the Hezbollah fiasco in Egypt:

A pessimist, looking at this picture, would just say that Nasrallah's face became softer and paler due to his self-enforced concealment in a bunker, lack of sun rays and too much humus.

We, however, definitely see the positive aspect of the fearless underground warrior getting in touch with his feminine side. Especially now, with Ayatollah's blessing, we should expect more and more hope-inspiring changes in that specific bunker.

Hope springs eternal, ladies and gentlemen!

In short (for the Russian readers): опять Насрала.