15 October 2008

This is not about Mikey

There is a communist called Tony Greenstein and he has a comrade called Roland Rance.
Would you like to read a fairy tale starting this way? I bet. While Tony GreenStalin has a special place in my heart, I must confess that arguing with him and his likes is beyond my brief.

The new blog I want to present for your attention is named Anti-Racists against Anti-Zionists. People with some knowledge of internecine struggles in the small but extremely virulent community of British Jooish anti-Zionists will find the name reminiscent of a certain fraction. Say no more.

While this blog is not about Mikey, its owner, a few words should be said about him. I have been watching (from time to time) with admiration bordering on worship the dialog Mikey managed with some of the above mentioned characters. His courtesy, patience and general good manners coupled with organic (I guess) inability to use some four-letter words are without peer. The dialog frequently ends with the other side, being unable to cope, resorting to a virtual equivalent of spitting histrionics. Amazing and amusing.

So, I wholeheartedly recommend watching this blog. Granted, you will not be able to learn any saucy ad hominems there, but you can always come back here for a few.


Gottlieb said...

   The Brighton Theater announces that it will be staging the hit play "Train Whistles for Ribbentrop."   It will star Tony Greenstein with Roland Rance, Gilad Atzmon, Mark Elf and Paul Eisen, who will participate in a circle jerk on stage, where each pulls the foreskin of the bloke behind him while making train whistle noises.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sounds good, where do I order a ticket?