03 October 2008

Ronit Lentin and poetic license of the feeble-minded

I shall never stop envying people educated and gainfully employed in one of the modern vaguely defined "sciences". Like the case of learned Dr Lentin here:

Dr Ronit Lentin was born in Haifa prior to the establishment of the State of Israel and has lived in Ireland since 1969. She is a political sociologist and a writer of fiction and non-fiction books and is the director of the MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies, Department of Sociology and coordinator of the Global Networks project, Institute for International Integration Studies (IIIS), Trinity College, Dublin. Ronit has published extensively on racism in Ireland, Israel and Palestine, gender and genocide, and gender and the Holocaust.
Political sociologist in Ethnic and Racial Studies - this must be a golden mine for anyone strong in scientifically-sounding terminology only a few selected peers could understand and share. Still, some of it spills to the media sometimes and then we have pearls like this:
Launching her latest book on Thinking Palestine on Wednesday evening, she said Israel was a racial regime but was not based upon colour nor ethnicity.
Now try to figure it out: a racial (sic!) regime that is not based upon color nor ethnicity. No worries, here is the answer:
It was based on military force, security and intelligence, the author told an audience of academics and journalists at London University's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).
I think I can translate it for the laymen in a simple Leninist format:

Military force + security + intelligence = racial regime.

If you don't get it, you must be taken to the Sociology dept. of Trinity College for re-education.

Anyhow, thanks deity for journalists, otherwise it would have been much more difficult. Still, even in this, relatively simple wording, these two quotes may cause you some mental turmoil. Let's get to a simple and straightforward part:
Lentin defended the actions taken by the Palestinian people in their struggle to regain their homeland, saying that resistance is legal and even suicide bombings against Israeli military targets could be justified.
Cool. Now everything is clear. Another AssaJew. Move on, nothing more to see here.

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hallisseypat said...

She is the husband of theatre, film and TV director Louis Lentin whose documentary "Our Boys" was broadcast by TV3 in 1999 and 2000. It is about the horrors of the Christian Brothers and in a letter to the Irish Times on 25 November 2000, Brother J. K. Mullan a province leader of the Brothers wrote as follows:

On Sunday, November 12th, TV3 broadcast a one-hour documentary entitled "Stolen Lives: Our Boys" which had first been shown on the station in October 1999. The programme repeated a number of serious allegations against members of the Christian Brothers by former pupils of industrial schools.

One particular past pupil claimed that he had attended the funerals of boys who had died while in Artane. It was further implied that these boys had died following beatings administered by the Brothers. This allegation is completely untrue.
The records show that no boy died in Artane during this person's time there. [my emphasis] This is a matter of verifiable fact. .........
The full text of the letter is at
This sounds like the type of allegation sometimes made against Jews during the Middle Ages!

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