02 October 2008

Omar Bakri Mohammed and Yasmin's Islamic boobs

According to The Sun:

Hate preacher Omar Bakri Mohammed paid for a boob job which launched his daughter’s pole dancing career, it was revealed last night. He forked out £4,000 in CASH for 27-year-old Yasmin Fostock’s bust-boosting surgery — while living on benefits in the UK.
I guess the preacher got a special dispensation for his daughter from Allah. Anyhow, if you get to the linked article, you may notice that there are no traces of a hijab and a burqa on the lady. And no flies too.

And let's not forget the oh so accommodating British taxpayer:
She lives on income support and has her £900-a-month rent and £240- a-month council tax paid by the state.
I am pondering a career change as a result of this article, I swear...