11 October 2008

Jewish Mossad killed Joerg Haider

The body is still warm (relatively, that is), and some people already know the truth! Amazing.

I wouldn't link to the sources, but here are some exceptionally penetrating quotes:

The bottom line is he was a thorn in the side to the Neocons, to Israel, to the EU, to the WTO, and to the drive for one world government. So now he sleeps with Yitshak Rabin, Robert Maxwell, Olaf Palme, DC Madam, Danny Colasaro, Gary Webb, David Kelly, JFK, RFK, MLK.
I suspect the guy forgot to add GPS, IBM and KGB to that list. The next one publishes the picture of Haider's car remains with a caption:

Would car be in this condition if it was driven in speed of 30 mph? Austrian government cars are made extra strong, but oddly this time physic laws didn’t apply.
True. During the night Mossad has stolen Haider's car and replaced it with another, identical to the smallest detail to the original one. Even the smell of Haider's underwear was replicated.
The Jews and Mossad somehow seem to have a preference to kill their opponents whereby a motor Vehicle is involved. History demonstrates this very clearly.
Dunno. Usually we have a preference to kill our opponents whereby a Tank is involved. But in a case like this, where a Tank wasn't available...
Everyone is saying for Joerg Haider to Rest in Peace. He can not. He will only be able to Rest in Peace after he knows that his beloved homeland called the State of Austria is completely and permanently free of the Jewish Pestilence which has been strangling and suffocating his country for centuries.
Hmm... Everyone is saying for Joerg Haider to Rest in Peace? Strange. As far as I am concerned, he can Roast in Hell. Whatever.
Don't worry. I'm sure the Austrian police, which is a 100% zionist outfit, will do a thorough investigation and conclude it was just an accident.
Only 100% zionist... someone in the Elders' outfit is goofing off.

Well, folks, here is a clue: look at the rear left hubcap of the Haider's car in the picture above and count the spokes... Capisce?

In related news: New Kim Jong-il images released.

Mossad says he's going out for a drive soon. In his favorite Mercedes Benz S500. Watch this channel for more news.

Update: According to BBC (and CNN):
Austrian far-right politician Joerg Haider was driving at twice the speed limit when he died in a crash early on Saturday, court officials have said.
Another technical detail that could be disclosed now: in addition to cutting breaking fluid lines and disconnecting the steering wheel, a special fuel was put in the car to make it go at twice the speed shown on the speedometer.

Besides, the deceased always tended to steer too much to the right...


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