05 October 2008

British papers and Sarah Palin - getting fed up with snootiness

It will be a gross and bigoted generalization to say that Brits are second to none where looking at others down their noses is concerned. Cause I do know quite a few Brits and according to my personal statistics such a statement is just BS.

However, to say that some Brits could be considered as people who cornered a good part of the world's market of snootiness wouldn't be bigotry. The behavior of the British press toward Ms Palin is nothing but revolting. If I were a Democrat, I would be ashamed for some folks who are rooting for Dem's cause in Britain. If I were a Republican, I would do my best to persuade the incumbent POTUS to nuke a few buildings in UK. Or, at least, to send some Marines to these sites.

Thankfully I am neither one nor another - just a neutral observer. Andrew Ian Dodge, on the other hand, is not that neutral. And he has written a mighty fine piece on Pajamas Media on that barf-inducing phenomenon.

Considering the incredibly biased coverage of the whole election by outlets such as the BBC and the Guardian, it is no wonder I encounter such ignorance about Gov. Palin. What is most appalling is the fact that many media outlets in the UK seem to be perfectly happy to repeat all the Daily Kos-spewed lies about her as if they were fact.
So go and read it, what are you waiting for?