23 October 2008

The immensely emerging writing

Nothing in the following quote is changed, aside of the company name. Enjoy.

Hi Dear,

[The Company] is immensely emerging company in the Indian IT market. We deliver the best of IT solutions in the field of SEO and SEM. Apart from the admirable SEO and SEM services offered by [The Company], the company provides an exquisite service of Web Content Writing. The creative and unique writing done by the content writers at [The Company], puts the company in the priority list of the clients to get content writing services for there business. The SEO services offered here are quite efficient and have always been up to the requirements of the client. The productive SEO, SEM services gives a global identification to the company.

Current Content writing Prices –

200-250 words 2$

300-350 words 3$

500-600 words 5$

All Prices are negotiable.

If you don't get quality in content, then don't pay me…
Hat tip - SEO.


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