31 October 2008

On superiority of French kitchen

This here blog was kind of sluggish lately, and for the duration it will be barely alive, unless some of the partners who up till now were overcome by an early onset of geriatric sloth will give it a hand. I shall be back sometime in the end of November.

Meanwhile a little vignette, rashly translated from Russian:

Once upon a time in a distant land there lived a beautiful, independent and wise princess. On a nice sunny day she was sitting near a picturesque pond in a lush green valley near her castle and pondering all kinds of philosophical issues, when a little frog jumped in her lap and addressed the princess thusly:

"Oh my beautiful and kind maiden! Once I had been a glorious prince, but a wicked witch put a curse on me, turning me into a frog."

"Should you but kiss me, I'll again turn into a fair prince, and then, my babe, I shall dwell in your castle and you shall cook my food, take care of my horse, wash my clothes, raise my children and rejoice that I took you as my wife."

In the evening of the same day, after a light supper of Frog's Legs a'la Parisienne, the beautiful princess sat near the picturesque pond, pondered the meaning of life and was happy.

I believe you could do with some pondering too.