05 October 2008

Bush lied, bees died

Imshin, who is definitely not a fish, peels off the first layer of the conspiracy to destroy the world agriculture by offing the bees.

But of course, blaming Bush for everything is an old trick, soon to become so 2001...

If you are a bit more observant, you shall notice that the bees are croaking of a malady called "Israeli acute paralysis virus".

People who are yet a bit more observant, will notice the following:

Argentina and Australia, two of the world's main honey suppliers, also had poor harvests this year, leading to a 60-percent rise in the cost of honey in Europe within a single year. In Israel, the cost increase has been a far more moderate 5 percent.
Yeah, it is becoming clearer to you now, I hope? I emphasized the real important part for you, to simplify the task.

So, if you want to lick some honey anytime soon, you will know what you'll have to lick first.