17 June 2008

Truce with Hamas? Let's see

Our media is quiet so far, but Egyptians are already out with it:

A senior Egyptian official said a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip will start on Thursday morning, the state-run Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported on Tuesday.
BBC ads another angle of the so called truce:
Hamas official Ahmed Yousef told the BBC he hoped that the ceasefire would lead to a further opening of the crossing points from Israel into Gaza, and an increase in the number of supplies.

"I am confident that everybody will abide by what we've agreed. All the groups which went to Cairo gave their okay to the ceasefire. If anybody does anything, they will be doing it on their own," he said.
That last sentence bodes trouble. And quite soon.

And meanwhile - Colbert with some Manishewitz (an evil brew if there ever was one)

(Stolen from Meryl)

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