01 June 2008

Trade in human body parts according to Hizballah

The magnanimity and generosity of Sheik Nasrallah (PBUH) doesn't know borders.

Red Cross confirms receiving box which Shiite organization claims contains body parts of Israeli soldiers killed in Second Lebanon War, following release of convicted Lebanese spy Nissim Nasser from Israeli jail.
According to reports in Lebanon, the deal to deliver the remains in exchange for Nasser was finalized in advance and made public only upon its implementation at the border crossing. It appears that even Hizbullah's al-Manar network was surprised by the news.
According to repeated assurances by IDF and its religious arm (that is quite careful when taking care of the bodies), there were no missing bodies of our soldiers who fell during the Second Lebanon War. So what the box contains are at best assorted body parts that were not found by the burial commands.

Buzzard (to take one example of a carrion eater) goes about its unappetizing business of feeding on cadavers. Such is its nature, revolting as it may look to some people.

But even the buzzard wouldn't engage in a trade of the kind Hizballah indulges in.

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