26 June 2008

The first jumping office building in the world

After a (future) success of the first revolving skyscraper, sheik R. Bin-Owitz of Dubai has ordered a new world wonder - a jumping office building. The building is designed by a hitherto unknown Romanian architect. It is not clear whether the architect has any experience in building anything aside of a few chicken farms, and some pointed questions were asked about his diploma.

According to the revolutionary idea, the building will collect the sheik's employees that use its offices each morning and return them home for the traditional siesta and in the evening. "This way there will be less exhaust pollution from all these Merc and Caddies", said the designer.

Being interviewed, sheik swept aside the doubters. "After all, if I say that the oil price should jump, they ask me only 'how high?', so why not a jumping office skyscraper?", was his response.