24 June 2008

Blanca Debree - the other way

As I always say - left, right, what is important - be a mensch. Which is for linguistically challenged: A decent responsible person with admirable characteristics.

So here comes Blanca Debree, whom I had a pleasure to (virtually - that's for SWMBO) encounter in the process of shady dealings with the EtreCard widget. As she characterizes herself: "Fun-filled, full-sized conservative gal exposes the left for the traitors they are and looks for sex." Dunno about traitors, but she definitely has a way with words and a sometimes surprising outlook on the realities of political life. Like, for example:

On oil drilling in some areas of US:

First of all, I don't care about some birds or bears in the arctic. If they were smart like me, they would be Republicans, instead of furry little creatures licking their own butts and pooping out in the open like a bunch of animals.
On Fox News:
I would like to apply for a position with FoxNews. My qualifications include lying, pulling facts out of thin air, and, when necessary, straight out of my ass, and following whatever talking points are given to me by Republicans, no matter how idiotic or counter productive.
On Republican candidate for that coveted POTUS job:
John McCain has admitted that until he became a guest of the Hanoi Hilton, he did not love his country. This is just another reason why we conservatives must oppose John McCain as the Republican nominee. He is going to destroy not only the party, but will bring down our country.
In short - a fresh voice and no prisoners taken. At least for any amount of time longer than it takes to put'em down, skin'em and fillet'em.

In short - my kind of gal (SWMBO taken into account of course).