22 June 2008

Canadian foot mystery contest

More entries, please!

CNN reports on yet another free-floating foot being discovered on the shores of British Columbia.

The sixth foot turned up Wednesday -- a right foot in a man's size 10 black Adidas athletic shoe, police said. As in the previous cases, however, immediate answers as to the foot's origin eluded detectives.
This here blog wants to expedite the solution of the enigma and declares a contest for the best explanation. Your contributions in comments, please. Here are some (sample) ideas:
  1. Mad scientist with a foot fetish. Stealing tissue samples from people and cloning feet in the hope to get a perfect one. Anything less than perfect gets thrown away.
  2. A gang of practical jokers that includes an undertaker.
  3. A dramatic prologue to an Adidas PR campaign - to get the world's attention.
  4. A shark with distaste for smell of human feet.
  5. A new step in aquatic evolution - a fish that tries to mimic human body, being successful with the lower extremity so far. (But Adidas?)